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The Next Big Windows Update Is Coming Soon

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ntelogic.com | Windows 10 Creators UpdateMassive Windows Update Coming April 11th To A PC Near You

Here’s what you need to know about Creators Update

It seems like it was just yesterday that Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrived. By now, we’ve grown a bit accustomed to the force-fed update routines that tend to catch many Windows 10 users off-guard. It seems Microsoft has listened to the roars that echoed following the hotly debated free update from the beloved Windows 7 and again after last year’s Anniversary Update. Microsoft is being far more public about Creators Update. You may even discover the notice while looking at your Update Status in Settings. ntelogic.com | Windows 10 Settings showing Creators Update notice
Windows 10 Anniversary Edition came with many new functions and features like the  Bash Shell, a dark theme, Windows Ink, Xbox Play Anywhere and more. If you’re looking for more added system and productivity features, you may find Creators Update a bit ho-hum. As the name implies, this update focuses on creativity.
According to Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group, creativity has led the inspiration of our world’s greatest inventors, architects, educators, entrepreneurs, developers, and students, delivering advancements that move our world forward.
In an official statement on the Windows 10 blog, Mehdi said “Today, I’m excited to share our latest update to Windows 10, the Creators Update, will begin to roll out on April 11. The Creators Update is designed to spark and unleash creativity, bringing 3D and mixed reality to everyone and enabling every gamer to be a broadcaster. Beyond creativity, it brings new features to Microsoft Edge, additional security capabilities and privacy tools, and so much more.” A summary of the new features that center on the creativity theme can be found at the official Windows 10 Upcoming Features page.

But what about business users?

While this update won’t bring lots of features that will likely woo business users, there are some important improvements that will catch the eye of Small Office and SMB users.
The new Privacy Dashboard addresses previous concerns about the types and amounts of information Microsoft collects from Windows users. Some leading reviews feel the Dashboard doesn’t go far enough, limiting your choices to “minimal” or “full” access to your PC. The good news is, the Dashboard is simple to understand and straightforward in its descriptions. PC World has an excellent break down of the new Security Dashboard.
Whether you love it or hate it, Windows Update is here to stay. Fortunately for users of Windows 10 Professional, Education, and Enterprise, you will be able to defer new updates for up to 35 days, as well as decide whether they want to include driver updates in the downloads. Home edition users are still stuck with forced updates, however you can delay updates for up to 18 hours. Creators Update also brings Windows 10 into the Universal Update Platform. This shift will reduce the processing power needed to update, shrink the size of update files, and streamline updates.
Windows Hello brought us biometric security, letting you use your PC camera to unlock your computer. Creators Update will introduce Dynamic Lock. Using Bluetooth and your smart phone, your PC will lock anytime you and your smart phone walk away from your PC.
Streamlined VPN (virtual private networking) support will make it possible to easily activate a connection without opening your network connections once Windows knows your VPN credentials

But I’m happy with Anniversary Update…

According to Tech Republic, you can run, but you can’t hide. Pro and Enterprise users can delay it, Home users are getting it like it or not. No matter the edition you’re using, Creators Update is coming to your PC. The best thing you can do is prepare. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Back-up – be sure to have your important files, documents and pictures backed-up to your cloud storage, local external hard drive or both.
  • Make sure your system has adequate free disk space to accommodate the download and upgrade routine. Run a Disk Cleanup to remove unneeded files and free up space.
  • Have a list of your installed programs an applications, and make sure yo have the installation media and any license keys needed should you have to reinstall something.
  • Make note of your wireless network name and settings.

Microsoft has worked hard to make sure major upgrades go smoothly. Creators Update is no exception. Countless hours of testing and a global cache of Beta testers have put Creators Update through its paces. It’s now ready for prime time.

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