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Monthly Archives: May 2018

7 Ways to Improve Your Home Network Security

The FBI has revised its recommendations for home network security. The guidelines focus on protecting personal devices connected to the Internet. The information also applies to protecting your devices while traveling. It also provides best practices for your small business office network. More devices are now connected to the Internet than ever before. Consequently, as…
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7 Things About VoIP Phone Service Your Boss Wants to Know

Small businesses are realizing the benefits of cloud-based phone systems. Using a VoIP phone system can increase productivity. Customer engagement and satisfaction also increase. Are you (or your boss) considering a move to a VoIP business phone system? This post offers answers to the most common questions.   1. Is a VoIP phone service a…
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Changes to Chrome and HTTPS: Is Your SMB Web Site Ready?

The end of HTTP is near. Starting with Chrome version 70, web pages not served via an HTTPS secure connection will be mark as unsafe. The search engine behemoth has been promoting the idea of an encrypted web for years. Google moved in 2014 to mark all sites served as HTTP as insecure. Google has…
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Secure, Available and Scalable: What Successful Small Businesses Need from Technology

Many small businesses manage tech issues as they emerge. Small business owners are frequently occupied with running the organization and expanding opportunities. Security must be a top consideration. Having a strong firewall between the company’s internal network and the Internet is one of the most frequent recommendations made by IT consultants. Ensuring antivirus and anti-malware…
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