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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Office Tips & Tricks: Proof Listening with Word’s Read Aloud Function

Proof Listen with Word's Read Aloud Function Sit back and let your ears do the work If you're a business owner, you write daily. Emails, notes, documents, blog posts, social media, you name it. It's your business, you've got to write it. Like many, you either stress over “its” versus “it’s,” or you don't. You…
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Barracuda Email Spoof

What the Barracuda Email Spoof Means for Your Business Elaborate Scheme to Steal O365 User Credentials The email spoof remains one of the favorite tools used by cyber-criminals to phish information. A recently uncovered scheme moved the bar up in terms of sophistication. As if using known brands wasn't enough, this latest phishing attempt spoofed…
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Latest Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach Exposes User Data 540 Million Facebook Users Impacted User ID's, Friends Lists and Photos Among the Data Exposed Two separate databases that stored Facebook user profile details on unsecured Amazon AWS cloud servers were discovered this week by cybersecurity research firm Upguard. It was just last April that Facebook admitted malicious actors…
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