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Techronym Tuesday for 3/24/2020

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Happy Techronym Tuesday! Hoping everyone is safe and sound. Please remember to wash your hands and keep up on your social distancing. This week’s Techronyms are about the screen you’re reading this on…
LCD Monitor – An LCD Monitor is a Liquid Crystal Display monitor. It replaced the (very) old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) diplay monitors. LCD monitors use a layer of color pixels arranged between a pair of transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters. Light is passed through the polarizing filters to render the images on screen.
LED Monitor – An LED monitor is a Light Emitting Diode moniter. LED monitors use rows of LEDs to display light behind polarizing filters just like an LCD monitor. LED monitors however, use less energy, create almost no heat, are thinner and are more flexible. Lastly, LED monitors are lighter weight and have less impact on the waste stream and the environment.
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