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Technology drives business. Ntelogic's hardware and software sales delivers.

Today's technology provides small business the tools to grow and excel. The pace of change can be dizzying. Small businesses face unique challenges when attempting to implement technology. There is often no one on staff to develop a technology budget and plan. Due to this, purchases that do not yield the desired results can occur. There are many choices for hardware and software sales for your business. Your investment in technology needs to be right. The right solution, the right size and at the right cost.

Play the Long Game

Small businesses need to focus on increasing productivity, reducing downtime, providing access, and streamlining process. Big-box stores have an immediate and ongoing need to drive sales. As a result, this concept tends to be at odds with the goal of intelligent tech purchases.

Today's small business must be agile. There is no one-size-fits-all, shrink-wrapped solution. Your business is uniquely yours. Is taking your hardware and software sales needs to a big box retailer the best solution?

The Retail Sales Cycle Lasts 60 Minutes or Less

Retail stores are designed to entice, engage, and close the sale. The ideal retail sale takes no more than an hour. Time is not taken to understand the specific short and long term needs of your business. Retail sales teams are not working the floor as consultative sales teams. Rather, they're working the floor to answer product questions, and drive you to the check-out line. Hardware and software may be readily available off the shelf in real time, but system requirements and business integration can be easily overlooked.

Your Business Tech Consultants

Business technology needs to empower your staff. It needs to be available, reliable and usable. Ntelogic works with your business to uncover the needs of your business. Our team will analyze the vast array of tools available to develop the right technology strategy. Each recommendation must bring value to your business.  Consequently, we will not over-sell you.

Our service to you continues beyond delivery and implementation. We do not sell and run. Rather, we stand behind every sale and provide local, personal support for every system and service we sell.

Featured Partners and Providers

Ntelogic is an authorized  reseller and partner with the leading small business technology providers. | We Sell Cisco | Dell Authorized Provider | Microsoft Partner Network | Authorized Netgear Reseller | Tripp Lite Authorized Reseller


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More thank just hardware

Ntelogic also delivers software solutions that small businesses need. As part of your overall technology strategy, choosing the right software solutions can make the difference your business needs to stay out in front of the competition.

Featured Software Solutions

Dropbox for Business
Foxit Software


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