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Help preserve information, facilitate compliance, and speed eDiscovery with Ntelogic's Email Archive ServiceEmail Archiving

Help preserve information, facilitate compliance, and speed eDiscovery with a service that’s fast, scalable and secure.

Virtually every company needs to preserve email from loss or alteration. That’s because most firms have more than one employee who could accidentally or maliciously alter or delete critical emails. Also, over 90% of all businesses will be sued, and non-archived emails are often inadmissible as evidence.

All regulated businesses—including financial, healthcare, insurance, retail, and other industries—are required to archive email by a variety of compliance mandates. The incremental cost of inadequate email archiving can quickly escalate into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ntelogic’s Email Archiving helps keep your email securely archived and easily accessible using your central control panel. It offers the preservation, protection and restoration features you need to help safeguard intellectual property, facilitate compliance, and speed eDiscovery.

Email Archiving delivers an integrated, easy-to-use experience for both users and administrators. And with high levels of security and reliability, it assures a Worry-Free Experience™ that keeps you focused on business.

Our Email Archiving automatically captures and stores every email received by every mailbox that has activated this service. Once an email is stored, it remains searchable, accessible and secure. This includes emails sent across mobile devices as well as those sent via IMAP or POP accounts. As a cloud-based solution, Email Archiving offers unlimited storage and scalability.

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