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Ntelogic Cloud Server - It's All About Your Apps

Cloud server from Ntelogic. Scalable, Reliable and ready to grow with your business.


Our cloud server ensures your business applications achieve their fullest potential — because it’s designed specifically around the business needs of small businesses.


Cloud Server is an enterprise-grade cloud application infrastructure that delivers ideal performance, availability and data protection for small businesses. With a 99.999% SLA, and firewall and VPN included standard, Cloud Server provides all the elements a small business needs.

Cloud Server from Ntelogic | Predictable cost and superior performance

What is Cloud Server?

Cloud Server is a highly available multi-tenant platform that’s architected specifically around superior performance, availability and data protection. Cloud Server offers four initial configurations, all of which can be scaled with more storage, RAM, or vCPUs during deployment or at any time.Download our White Paper to learn more...

Cloud Server offers fixed monthly pricing to ensure cost predictability. All Cloud Server accounts include public IPs, infrastructure management, 99.999% service level agreement uptime, 24x7 support, nightly backups, monitoring, firewalls, firewall management, VPN management, Windows 2008 Enterprise OS and IIS. In addition, all Cloud Server accounts include US-based support 24x7x365, and complimentary onboarding and migration from our Cloud ConciergeTM Team.

How Do You Use Cloud Server?

Cloud Server offers an application infrastructure to support both new deployments as well as the migration of existing servers, both on-premise and from other clouds. Its use cases extend across the spectrum of small business needs, including running a network of terminal services; hosting business applications like QuickBooks, SharePoint or file servers; or supporting infrastructure components like Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server.

You need performance, availability and control. Only Cloud Server delivers

Cloud Server delivers far more value to your business than on-premise servers, which suffer from unpredictable performance and limited support—to say nothing of high CAPEX and OPEX. At the same time, Cloud Server stands apart from other clouds because it’s designed specifically for small business. It offers predictable costs, familiar technologies, a 99.999% SLA, and full control over your cloud environments. Firewall and VPN come standard. Best of all, it’s pre-configured to integrate with all your other Ntelogic services.

Cloud Server Pricing and Packaging


Cloud Server I Cloud Server II Cloud Server III Cloud Server IV
Price $119.95/month $144.95/month $219.95/month $319.95/month
vCPUs 1 1 2 3
Memory 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
Storage 50 GB 100 GB 150 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB
For apps with minimal resource requirements For non-CPU intensive apps that require additional memory or storage For front-end apps or colocation of multiple smaller apps For memory- and CPU-intensive apps servicing large numbers of users
Included 99.999% SLA, firewall, VPN, public IPs, infrastructure management, nightly backups, monitoring, Windows 2008 Enterprise OS and IIS

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