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Your Digital Security Strategy Starts Here

At home, at work, and at school, our growing dependence on technology demands greater security online. Malicious actors intend to cause harm in cyberspace, such as a hacker stealing personal information. An employee who unknowingly downloads malware onto their device accidentally causes harm to their company's network. How would you like to turn on your PC and see a message demanding that you pay ransom to regain access? Ransomware comes in many varieties, none of them pleasant. Even if you pay up, there's no guarantee you'll get your data back. A Trojan horse gets onto your system by pretending to be useful, but once inside the walls, it releases a malicious payload. You say you don't store personal data? How about your email address? It doesn't get more personal than that.

Today's modern digital life demands safegaurds against cyber-criminals intent on causing you harm, viruses designed to interrupt your life and malware targeting your data and wallet. The best defense is a good digital security strategy.

Antivirus is a catch-all name for systems and procedures that protect your devices, network and irreplacable data against viruses, Trojans, botnets, rootkits, rogue security software, ransomware, and all types of malicious software. A reliable and trusted antivirus software progarm is not just important, it is a must-have app. Software alone however, cannot protect your digital life by itself, it needs your help - literally. You are the first line of defense in your digital security strategy. Having and following established guidelines for safe web surfing and document sharing, keeping devices updated regularly, and backing-up important files are the cornerstones of a good digital security strategy.

Ntelogic stands ready to be your digital security strategic partner. Our digital security offerings can keep your devices and networks safe, your users better empowered to fight cyber-criminals, and your valuable data safe. Whether for home, office, or mobile devices, Ntelogic has the tools you need to stay safe in your digital world.

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