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Cloud Voice Service Shields Against Outages

Safeguarding Against Voice Service Outages | Cloud Voice ServiceThe most recent Microsoft outage left key Office services down for over 17 hours, leaving many companies wondering how they can communicate when disaster strikes. Business is impacted and opportunities lost if phone lines are not functioning. A statistic by the Federal Emergency Management Agency highlights the impact of downtime - up to 40% of companies shut down following a disaster. Cloud-based phone systems can keep companies open for business even when phone lines aren’t, letting them continue to communicate with clients and vendors regardless of major outages.

Key Cloud Voice service features

  • With Cloud Voice service, a phone platform lives in a service provider’s data center, not a physical location.
  • Failover nodes with automatic transitions maintain high availability by compensating for server failure.
  • If a company’s main phone lines are down, a cloud-based voice system can automatically re-route calls to other devices.
  • When any challenges emerge, automated attendant capabilities can answer and route calls even with IT issues in the office.

Cloud Voice service ensures network resiliency when outages threaten to stunt business productivity. How? Well, there are a few ways. Let’s take a look at how Cloud Voice service can help improve business efficiency:

Increased mobility

One of Cloud Voice service's major benefits is increased hardware flexibility. Employees can use desk phones from any location that provides a network connection. Phones are plug-and-play and can be easily moved across various spaces, enabling an increasingly mobile work environment or the need to quickly relocate to stay ahead of a foreseeable issue.

Minimal hardware risks

Traditionally, if a phone breaks, a company would be out of luck when trying to utilize phone services. Cloud Voice service lives in the cloud, meaning the line can be re-routed to a different platform if a phone is broken. Fewer pieces of hardware also means fewer expenses, as the only equipment needing purchase are desk phones. In the event of a damaged, lost or inoperable phone, you’ll still preserve voice communication without incurring a substantial financial burden.

Customer access

Customer interaction is the life blood of any business, which is why staying in constant communication is a priority. Cloud Voice service phone systems put a customer through, even if a phone line goes down. This increased availability means your company can stay connected to customers at any time.

High network availability

High-availability ensures Cloud Voice service-based phone network reliability will be accessible in real-time, even if your location is compromised by outages. This is where failover nodes can help, as they step in and keep systems running when certain elements fail. Unlike traditional phone systems at the mercy of outages, Cloud Voice service strengthens network reliability by keeping information safe in the cloud and free from physical damage.

The Aberdeen Group reported that downtime can cost small businesses an average of $100,000 in revenue annually. Making sure your company’s phone system is shielded from downtime events is a crucial component of business productivity. Consider enlisting the help of a Cloud Voice service-based phone system to minimize downtime effects and maximize system responsiveness to ensure customers receive consistent company communication.


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