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Category Archives: SMB Tech

Email Phishing Attacks – Part Duex

As we posted last March, email phishing attacks continue at record levels. Those who seek to commit fraud keep getting more innovative in their efforts. Many people have become savvy enough to recognize the common tell-tale signs. Whether it's a tradegy or a fake IRS collection notice, we're rarely surprised by the bait used by…
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Office Tips & Tricks: Using Filters in Excel

Use Excel Filters to Make Short Work of Long Columns Filters are a powerful tool in Excel that let you mask information from your view. For example, filters can be used to only show you the rows that have Widgets as the item type or only show you rows that have blank cells in a…
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7 Things About VoIP Phone Service Your Boss Wants to Know

Small businesses are realizing the benefits of cloud-based phone systems. Using a VoIP phone system can increase productivity. Customer engagement and satisfaction also increase. Are you (or your boss) considering a move to a VoIP business phone system? This post offers answers to the most common questions.   1. Is a VoIP phone service a…
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Secure, Available and Scalable: What Successful Small Businesses Need from Technology

Many small businesses manage tech issues as they emerge. Small business owners are frequently occupied with running the organization and expanding opportunities. Security must be a top consideration. Having a strong firewall between the company’s internal network and the Internet is one of the most frequent recommendations made by IT consultants. Ensuring antivirus and anti-malware…
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Beware Domain Name Renewal Scams

[twitter_follow screen_name="ntelogic" show_count="false"] Beware of Internet Domain Name Renewal Scams Official looking notice is designed to confuse. Unscrupulous registration services utilize social engineering to defraud. If you own an Internet domain name, you may be targeted by a scam that potentially puts your domain name at risk. It looks legit. A letter reminding you that…
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The Next Big Windows Update Is Coming Soon

Massive Windows Update Coming April 11th To A PC Near You Here's what you need to know about Creators Update It seems like it was just yesterday that Windows 10 Anniversary Update arrived. By now, we've grown a bit accustomed to the force-fed update routines that tend to catch many Windows 10 users off-guard. It…
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