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About Us

We Connect Small Business to the World

NTELogic is a Managed IT Services Provider based in Sonora, California that serves the small office and small to mid-sized business sector in California’s Mother Lode and Central Valley. We connect small business to the world with our suite of essential IT services that businesses rely on to thrive.


Our core stack focuses on voice, data, security, service and support. We work with our clients to customize the right mix of services and features to meet their unique needs. Our goal is to be your strategic partner, fulfilling your technology requirements and helping bring your business to life.


Originally founded in 1997, NTELogic entered the tech field as an Internet Service Provider and custom application development firm. Our time as an ISP infused us with the vision that the Internet would become the universal media delivery platform, and the web browser would become the go-to end user interface delivering everything from information to entertainment, and become indispensable to businesses small and large. The shift away from dial-up Internet service provided us the opportunity to refocus our efforts and talents on what we know best – technology and small businesses. Our passion is leveraging the power of the Internet to deliver personalized service, great value and Internet Solutions at the Speed of Life™.


Your business is uniquely yours. Why settle for “shrink wrapped” solutions from the Big Box store and poor support? The tools and technologies that were once the domain of Fortune 500 companies are now readily available and affordable for Small Office (SO) and Small-to-Mid Sized Businesses (SMB). Allow us the privilege of supporting your IT service needs.