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Category Archives: Security

Email Phishing Attacks – Part Duex

As we posted last March, email phishing attacks continue at record levels. Those who seek to commit fraud keep getting more innovative in their efforts. Many people have become savvy enough to recognize the common tell-tale signs. Whether it's a tradegy or a fake IRS collection notice, we're rarely surprised by the bait used by…
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Urgent Windows 7 Patch

Microsoft Release Urgent Security Patch Unpatched Windows 7 Systems Exposed to WannaCry Style Worm As part of its May 14 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released an urgent security fix for several older versions of Windows. For users still running Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, the patch repairs  a potentially "wormable" flaw in those…
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Barracuda Email Spoof

What the Barracuda Email Spoof Means for Your Business Elaborate Scheme to Steal O365 User Credentials The email spoof remains one of the favorite tools used by cyber-criminals to phish information. A recently uncovered scheme moved the bar up in terms of sophistication. As if using known brands wasn't enough, this latest phishing attempt spoofed…
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Latest Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach Exposes User Data 540 Million Facebook Users Impacted User ID's, Friends Lists and Photos Among the Data Exposed Two separate databases that stored Facebook user profile details on unsecured Amazon AWS cloud servers were discovered this week by cybersecurity research firm Upguard. It was just last April that Facebook admitted malicious actors…
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Business Email Compromise Tops $12B

Internet Crime Complaint Center Releases Business Alert Report cites 136% increase in lost business assets On Friday the 13th, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released a Public Service Announcement. The announcement warns of the risks businesses face from Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC). From October 2013 to May 2018, IC3…
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7 Ways to Improve Your Home Network Security

The FBI has revised its recommendations for home network security. The guidelines focus on protecting personal devices connected to the Internet. The information also applies to protecting your devices while traveling. It also provides best practices for your small business office network. More devices are now connected to the Internet than ever before. Consequently, as…
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Changes to Chrome and HTTPS: Is Your SMB Web Site Ready?

The end of HTTP is near. Starting with Chrome version 70, web pages not served via an HTTPS secure connection will be mark as unsafe. The search engine behemoth has been promoting the idea of an encrypted web for years. Google moved in 2014 to mark all sites served as HTTP as insecure. Google has…
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Gmail Google Docs Attack

Follow @ntelogic Gmail Fake Google Docs Attack Spreading Rapidly More Than Just Your Gmail Account Potentially At Risk Gmail Users Encouraged To Take Immediate Action   A phishing attack that uses a fake Google Docs invitation is sweeping the Internet. The scam uses a compromised Google Docs shared document invitation that appears to be sent…
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Word Zero-Day Exploit

Follow @ntelogic Beware of opening Microsoft Word Attachments Newly Discovered Exploit Puts Word Users At Risk Microsoft Rushing to Issue Security Patch Over the weekend, Internet security experts discovered a vulnerability in all supported versions of Microsoft Word that can be used to silently install malware. Microsoft has promised to issue a security patch to fix…
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