Category: Security

Scam of the Week: Airline Phishing Attack

Simple yet sophisticated phishing attack tricks a whopping 90% of users Attack leverages “criminal best practices” to steal credentials and plant malware There is a new spin on an existing phishing scam you need to be aware of. Bad guys are doing research on you

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Phishing Attempts Hit Close To Home

Think Your Business Is Immune? In the past 48 hours, two of our clients experienced confirmed phishing attempts. In each case, the business owners thought they were opening legitimate web sites and instead were confronted by ominous messages on their computer displays citing a virus

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New Scam – Security Software

Bad guys have a new scam. They create websites that look just like the real sites from security software vendors like Symantec, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky and others. When you search for these sites, you could very easily pick the fake site instead of the real

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Using an Android Smart Phone? You Need to Read This…

Malicious Malware Targets Android Devices. September was a relatively quiet month for new cyber-threats. That is until a rapidly spreading malware outbreak named Kemoge was discovered. This nasty little bug masquerades as a legitimate Android app, and once installed, it “roots” or unlocks your phone,

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Scammer Alert: Facebook's Dislike Button

Beware the Internet Predators Facebook’s Dislike Button Sparks Wave of Tech Support Scams Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently answered a question about a “dislike” button in a forum. Did he promise one? Not really. They are working on a button you can click to show

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Email Safety

Hackers Steal, Release Web Site Membership Records This week, 36 million names, addresses and phone numbers of registered users that were stolen as part of a hack attack against the Ashley Madison site – a dating site that focuses on extra-marital affairs – were posted

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