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Statement to Our Clients Regarding Coronavirus

March 14, 2020 Statement to Our Clients Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) The health and safety of our clients and our team members is always our utmost concern. During these increasingly anxious and uncertain times, this is especially true with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We also know that you rely on your technology and the…
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Do You VPN?

Do You VPN? If you travel for business, it is highly likely you've connected to the free Wi-Fi in the airport terminal, local coffee shop or even on public transit. Have you ever connected to that free Wi-Fi in your hotel room and gotten a creeping sense of dread, wondering if anyone might be able…
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Email Archiving: Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Provider

Business email contains valuable information. Email archiving preserves information and enables compliance. Choosing an email archiving provider is no small task. Many options exist and not all services deliver equal capabilities. We explain what email archiving is and its importance in today's business world.   What is email archiving? Email archiving is a system that…
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7 Things About VoIP Phone Service Your Boss Wants to Know

Small businesses are realizing the benefits of cloud-based phone systems. Using a VoIP phone system can increase productivity. Customer engagement and satisfaction also increase. Are you (or your boss) considering a move to a VoIP business phone system? This post offers answers to the most common questions.   1. Is a VoIP phone service a…
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What’s On Your Hard Drive?

It’s one of those little technical details most of us don’t think about much less understand – your computer’s hard drive. Gigabytes, terabytes, RAM, SATA, SSD. Most of it sounds Greek because it is. Sure, we looked at the specifications of the computer right before we bought it. Not many of us have given it…
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Tech Support

Work with your clients, not at the Help Desk. Leave the support to us so your can focus on your business.   You have a business to run. You need your technology working. When it doesn't, it means headaches for you, lost productivity for employees and lost revenue for your business. Combined with Ntelogic's business-grade…
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Cloud Services

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Hosted Exchange Server

DELIVERED FROM THE CLOUD, NTELOGIC’S HOSTED EXCHANGE 2013 IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR BUSINESS EMAIL.  Hosted Exchange provides users with essential productivity tools—and business owners with control, simplicity and choice. The latest version of the world’s leading business email platform,Exchange 2013 delivers enhancements to email, calendars, contacts, chat, content management and more. And it makes…
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