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Are Your Ex-employees Your Biggest Security Threat?

Osterman Research shares why your ex-employees could be your next big security threat What happens when an employee leaves your company? If you’re like many small and medium-sized businesses, you’ll collect their laptops and IDs and then quickly work towards filling the newly vacant position.

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Get Business Class Email That’s Managed For You

Hosted Microsoft Exchange from Ntelogic offers a variety of access options for greater freedom, flexibility and control. Some reasons why business owners like you are making the switch: Simplicity – Hosted Exchange is easy to set up and requires very little administration by your IT

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Replace Your File Server & Save BIG $$$

Replace your File Server and save over $19,000… We can prove it! An average business with 15 employees can save over $19,000 with Ntelogic’s ShareSync service when compared to File Servers. How much can you save with ShareSync vs. a costly File Server? View our

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Is Your Email Service Business-Grade?

Email – the old school workhorse of business. While social media has greatly impacted how businesses communicate with their clients, prospects and the public, email remains the preferred method of communication for SO/SMB’s. In a recent study, SO/SMB’s use email to communicate more than twice

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Ending the Era of File Servers

5 reasons why costly File Servers are a relic of the past Costs aren’t the only downside to File Servers. If you’re running a File Server, then you may be at risk. Here are five reasons why File Servers are costly and slow down your

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