March 31st is World Backup Day

The day before April Fool’s Day reminds us to protect our important data

Data keeps your business moving. You share and store online your personal information. Your devices hold the files, images and music that matter most. World Backup Day is an annual reminder to take action.
On average, we spend almost half of each day on our digital devices. We rely on these devices to keep our day organized, our precious moments captured, and our business running at top speed.
The data we store and use every day is one of the most valuable assets we have. How are you protecting your data? It can only take a moment to loose some or all of it. Here’s some sobering facts that underscore the importance of backing up our data:

Don’t become the April fool who didn’t backup their data. There are many choices available that make backing up your files easy and automatic.
If you already have a backup plan in place, use March 31st to make sure it’s working properly. If you don’t have a plan, use the day to get one.
Once you’ve backed up, tell the world by using the hashtag #WorldBackUpDay .
Protect what matters most in your digital life this World Backup Day. | Business Email Compromise Alert

Internet Crime Complaint Center Releases Business Alert

Report cites 136% increase in lost business assets

On Friday the 13th, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released a Public Service Announcement. The announcement warns of the risks businesses face from Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC). From October 2013 to May 2018, IC3 tracked over 78,000 reports of BCE/EAC that resulted in losses over 12 billion dollars US.

What is Business Email Compromise?

Email compromise is a sophisticated scam that targets businesses and individuals. A cyber-criminal gains unauthorized access to a business e-mail account. Social engineering tactics trick the recipient into transferring funds.
The scam may not always involve a request for transfer of funds. Others trick the recipient into disclosing personal information or wage and tax information.

How to avoid Business Email Compromise

  • Be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, visits, or email messages from individuals asking about employees or other internal information. If an unknown individual claims to be from a legitimate organization, try to verify his or her identity directly with the company.
  • Do not provide personal information or information about your organization, including its structure or networks, unless you are certain of a person’s authority to have the information.
  • Do not reveal personal or financial information in email, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in email.
  • Don’t send sensitive information over the Internet before checking a website’s security.
  • Pay attention to the URL of a website. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different domain (e.g., .com vs. .net).
  • If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly. Do not use contact information provided on a website connected to the request; instead, check previous statements for contact information.
  • Install and maintain anti-virus software, firewalls, and email filters to reduce some of this traffic.
  • Take advantage of any anti-phishing features offered by your email client and web browser.

If you believe you might have revealed sensitive information about your organization, report it to the appropriate people within the organization, including network administrators. They can be alert for any suspicious or unusual activity.

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Gmail Fake Google Docs Attack Spreading Rapidly

More Than Just Your Gmail Account Potentially At Risk

Gmail Users Encouraged To Take Immediate Action | Security Solutions for Home & Business
A phishing attack that uses a fake Google Docs invitation is sweeping the Internet. The scam uses a compromised Google Docs shared document invitation that appears to be sent from someone you know. Once the fake invitation is accepted, your Gmail account will be exploited to provide the hackers full access to the Google account without requiring your password.
If you’re like most people, you have a Gmail account. They’re free, handy and a great alternative to using your business or primary personal email address in many situations. When you set-up your Gmail account, you likely furnished your personal or business email address or cell phone number so you can more easily recover a forgotten password. Can you see where this is going?
Once the target Gmail account is compromised, the hackers have full access to everything in your Google world. Combine that with them having your business or personal email address and likely your cell phone number, the possibilities are frightening. Anything linked to a compromised Gmail account is potentially at risk, even if you have enabled two factor authentication.

Call to Action:

If you receive a Google Docs sharing invitation – even if it is from someone you know – DELETE it immediately. DO NOT open any messages that look suspicious and DO NOT click on any links.
Should you have any questions or suspect your account may be compromised, please call our office at (209) 790-4560 so we can assist you.

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Opportunity Stanislaus Names Best and Growing Central Valley Businesses

Central Valley at the center of job creation and economic growth

Opportunity Stanislaus ( as part of its Best Places to Work: Central Valley Program named the best Central Valley businesses to work for, and the local companies who are helping grow the economy by creating new jobs.
Turlock’s Dust Bowl Brewery ( hosted a Hollywood themed event on April 12th where Opportunity Stanislaus CEO David White announced those Central Valley companies who earned a spot of the list.
Among the many Stanislaus County powerhouse businesses was the newest addition to Turlock’s Regional Industrial Park, Valley Milk, LLC ( Congratulations to Valley Milk CEO Patricia Smith, the Valley Milk Board of Directors and the entire Valley Milk team!
More details of the event and the entire list of companies can be found at the Central Valley Business Journal website .