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Double the New Beginnings: A Guide on Starting a New Business and Moving at the Same Time

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It’s common knowledge that moving into a new home and starting a business are among the most stressful undertakings, but what about doing them at the same time? It’s more than possible to accomplish especially if your current living situation isn’t conducive to your personal or professional life. If you’re moving, you might want to make a checklist. You might list your dream home’s features and the good traits of a moving service, for example.

Here are some suggestions from NTELogic to help you successfully move and start a new business at the same time.

Modesto, CA, has Your Dream Home

The first step to combining your goals into one is finding a home that is better suited to having a home-based business. Some questions you might want to ask about your dream home in Modesto are: how close is it to heavy traffic or the facilities to use public transport? You also may want to ask about the availability and quality of Wi-Fi and fiberoptic-based internet services as some addresses might not be eligible for them yet. Do you want your dream home to have a room you can turn into a separate office, or would you prefer to work from anywhere inside your home?

You may find a home that you love with less space than you’d like. If you’ll need to store some of your belongings away from your new home, you can find a storage unit online. With more than a hundred facilities available and 5’ by 10’ units priced as low as $170 a month, you’re sure to find a storage space that meets your needs and budget.

To Buy or Rent?

It’s also recommended to visit your potential dream neighborhood at different times during the day to make sure it truly suits your personality and requirements. A few other steps might include checking your credit and finding out your price range. You may need to investigate possible mortgages before settling on one and think about other expenses like property taxes. You also might seek the help of a good realtor and consult recent Modesto housing trends.

If you can’t find a home to purchase just yet, you may want to look into houses to rent. There are plenty available in the Modesto, California area. Renting a house will enable you to conduct your move and become familiar with your new city while you continue your search for a home to buy. And you can find three-bedroom houses for around $2,300 per month, which may even help you to save up more money for your down payment in the meantime.

Your Business Done Your Way

It’s still possible to start your new home business while you’re moving. Smartphones and other devices make research a breeze. You can synchronize your browsing history and favorites if you use the same browser on your computer as on your smartphone. Home-based businesses aren’t always expensive to start. You can become a freelance writer, sell paintings, or design your own clothing line all from the comfort of home. All you need is internet access and a place where you can focus and you’ll be selling your services or products online in no time.

This mobility carries over to your marketing, too. In our technological age, it is easy to create quality promotional materials from your home computer, laptop, or even your smartphone. Banner templates are easy to use and allow you to create digital content you can use across multiple platforms. Simply look through the provided templates and select one that fits your brand and product. Then, edit the text, font, colors, and images to support your marketing message. You can post them directly from your smartphone in a few easy steps!

It’s important to have a great IT specialist in your contacts list for any technological glitches. NTELogic offers many services, including high speed internet, data and cloud services, and good ole tech support.

Your New Journey Begins

Once you have your housing secured and business planned, it’s time to find a moving company. A search online will connect you with dozens of potential movers as well as customer reviews of their service. You’ll be able to decide between multiple good options to find a company that will work for you.

Moving can be stressful and oftentimes it’s easy to overlook how much waste you’re creating. Relocating produces trash like bubble wrap and packing peanuts, contributing to the 146.1 million tons of trash in landfills each year. With Americans averaging nearly 12 moves in a lifetime, small changes could collectively make a big difference.

Architectural Digest Reviews has created a guide for people looking to make their move more sustainable. The article offers 6 steps to a more eco-friendly move, 9 sustainable moving companies and organizations to watch in 2023, and tips from moving experts.

Moving into a new home and starting a new business at the same time is more than possible. It’s empowering. It starts when you list what you want in a home and reach out to a realtor who understands the housing trends in Modesto. Remember to stay within your budget and put mobile marketing to work for you. And keep NTELogic in your primary contacts for all of your IT needs.

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