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Email Phishing Attacks – Part Duex

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As we posted last March, email phishing attacks continue at record levels. Those who seek to commit fraud keep getting more innovative in their efforts. Many people have become savvy enough to recognize the common tell-tale signs. Whether it’s a tragedy or a fake IRS collection notice, we’re rarely surprised by the bait used by those who are phishing. This is one of those instances that gave us pause.
A client forwarded an email message that appeared to be a voicemail notification from their office phone. Many of us are used to getting text and email notifications for voicemail messages left for us. Whether the fake notification looks similar to what you normally see or not, one link click whilst in a hurry can lead to compromise.

The recipient did the right thing. Using the information they have learned about the tactics used by cyber-criminals, the client recognized the clues and didn’t take the bait.
Remember to always think before you click. Stay smart, the criminals are working hard to stay in business. Don’t let them get into your business.

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