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What to Consider When Starting a Computer Science Career

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Computer science is a very popular field, with thousands of college students opting to major in the subject each year. However, there is much more to starting a career in computer science or information technology than checking off a box on your college application. Here are some things to consider when starting a computer science career. 

Where Your Strengths Lie

No matter your age, it is a good idea to assess where your strengths and weaknesses lie before considering which job field you want to go into. Whether you are a new high school graduate or a professional who is seeking a career change, consider taking a job aptitude test for an in-depth look at your abilities. While it may seem obvious to you that, for example, you are good at science but bad at history, an aptitude test will give a deeper look into things such as which types of positions you might enjoy at a company. Doing something you enjoy and are good at will lead to a longer-lasting, more satisfying career. 

How to Pursue an Education

If you are thinking about going to college for computer science, carefully consider the cost and flexibility of the program, especially if you are a working professional. If you are a self-motivated person, there are online resources that allow you to learn IT subjects in your own time. Completing some of these courses prior to pursuing more formal education is a good option for those who are still on the fence about an IT career.

What Jobs Are Out There

No matter how much you want to have a career in computer science or IT, you will only be able to start that career if people are hiring in the sector you are seeking. Some common career titles for those with a computer science degree include web developer, information security analyst, systems architect, and artificial intelligence engineer. However, there are many more niche fields out there to consider. Industry publications and websites can be good resources for finding a computer science or IT position. 

Whether You Have an Entrepreneurial Side

Many people seeking a computer science career wish not to engage with the more public-facing side of their company. However, those who enjoy having more of a leadership role may consider using their computer skills to open their own business. If this sounds like you, keep in mind the benefits of an LLC business structure, which include:

  • Protection of personal assets in case your company is sued
  • The ability to have one or several members
  • Profit distribution to members


If you wish to hone your managerial skills and make more money, opening your own business might be for you. 


If You Might Enjoy Freelancing

IT and computer science make for excellent freelancing opportunities due to the fact that having a computer and reliable internet connection is generally all that is required to complete projects. If you go this route, be aware that it is very easy to create an online profile where clients can select providers tasked with developer resources like you based on factors such as your experience and other clients’ reviews. 

If you enjoy working with computers in any capacity, consider a career in IT or computer science. This might mean working for a company, being a freelancer, or anything in between. 

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