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Techronym Tuesday March 10th

It's Tuesday and that means it's Techronym Tuesday! Skip the decoder ring, we breakdown those pesky technology acronyms. Here's this week's Techronyms...

HDD - A HDD (HD) is the computer's Hard Disk Drive. A hard disk drive is a non-volatile storage device. That means that the data stored on your HDD is not lost once the computer shuts down. Unlike RAM, which looses it's data when power is lost, your computer's HDD safely stores your data by recording it on an electro-magnetic disk platters. Much like vinyl albums, data is written to the magnetic disk surface and read back when the motherboard asks for it. Without a HDD, your computer's functions would be significantly limited, having to rely solely on what the BIOS and RAM can store.

SSD - A SSD is a more modern form of HDD. A Solid State Drive does not rely on moving mechanical parts like an HDD. SSD's use silicon chips similar to RAM to store your data. An SSD connects to the motherboard just like the HDD and stores and plays back data when asked. SSD's perform better than HDD since there are no moving parts. Your data can be retrieved at near the speed of light. Solid State Drives are also less prone to damage from bumps and shorts drops to hard surfaces.

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