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Techronym Tuesday

Today we're kicking off a new weekly feature we're calling Techronym Tuesday. Each week we'll pick one or two of the many acronyms that are commonly used in technology. Hopefully you'll find this interesting, fun and informative. If there's a particular technology acronym you want an explanation for, post it or DM us with it. Also, be sure to let us know what you think of Techronym Tuesday!


CPU - A CPU is the computer chip that controls the processing of every computer. It stands for Central Processing Unit. It’s a small silicon chip that sits atop the main circuit board. The term is sometimes mistaken for the tower or case that holds all of the computer's parts. The CPU is responsible for executing the instructions contained within the computer code, and telling the other components of the system what to do.


RAM - RAM is another type of computer chip that is different from the CPU. It stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is like short term memory. It only holds information while the computer is running. it is used to hold the instructions and other data from the CPU and the hard disk drive. Increasing the amount of ram your system has is one of the key ways to improve performance.

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