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Phishing Attempts Hit Close To Home

Think Your Business Is Immune?

In the past 48 hours, two of our clients experienced confirmed phishing attempts. In each case, the business owners thought they were opening legitimate web sites and instead were confronted by ominous messages on their computer displays citing a virus had infected their computer (see actual screen captures below), requesting a call to a Microsoft | internet security solutionsTechnician who would fix the problem before it got worse. The first case was quite sophisticated and included a recorded voice calmly requesting an immediate phone call to prevent further data loss. Fortunately, they recognized this as a potential phishing attempt. They called us and we quickly confirmed both incidents as phishing attempts. A quick check of their systems proved their anti-malware software had prevented any data loss, and more importantly, no personal data was given or compromised.

Key Things To Remember About Phishing Attempts:

  • Microsoft, Apple, Google (or any other company) will never display a message on your computer asking you to call them
  • Any requests for payment, account information or personal information are big warning signs
  • Never open links contained in email messages from unknown or questionable senders

Key Things To Do If You Suspect Phishing:

  • Remain calm. Cyber-criminals use social engineering to prey on our fears
  • DO NOT disclose any information
  • Validate the sender's name or the web site address - is it known?
  • When in doubt, ask for assistance. Check with your IT department, office manager or give us a call at (209) 790-4560

Key Things To Prevent Phishing Attacks:

  • Keep your anti-virus / anti-malware software up-to-date, and scan your computer at least weekly
  • Do not open messages, attachments or links from unknown senders
  • Look closely and watch for the tell-tale signs


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