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New Scam – Security Software

cybercriminalBad guys have a new scam. They create websites that look just like the real sites from security software vendors like Symantec, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky and others. When you search for these sites, you could very easily pick the fake site instead of the real one.

These sites will then try to trick you into believing there is a new security software version you urgently need to install. But when you click the download button, a popup shows an 800-number claiming there is something badly wrong with your computer which needs to be fixed immediately before you download the new version.

When you make that call, a scammer with a foreign accent answers the phone, demands remote access to your computer, and charges you a hefty credit card fee to fix an imaginary problem. It's not hard for the bad guys to create a fake website that looks just like the original, so make sure you verify that the website is legit!

Only give out confidential information when YOU have initiated the call and never call numbers in an email that just appeared in your inbox. Only call a toll-free number that you know beforehand is legit, like on the back of your credit card, a statement you have received in the mail, or the order confirmation email you received at the time you bought the product.

And remember... Think Before You Click!

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