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Using an Android Smart Phone? You Need to Read This…

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Malicious Malware Targets Android Devices.

September was a relatively quiet month for new cyber-threats. That is until a rapidly spreading malware outbreak named Kemoge was discovered. This nasty little bug masquerades as a legitimate Android app, and once installed, it “roots” or unlocks your phone, allowing the malware’s command and control computer to take control of your device. Here’s what you need to know about Kemoge and how you can protect your Android devices.
Kemoge disguises itself as a legitimate Android app that is downloaded from the Google Play Store and other 3rd party app sites. Some examples of confirmed infected apps are:

What to Look For

Device users will likely not notice obvious changes in their device once it has been infected. Over time, advertisements will begin to pop-up while other apps are in use. The true tell-tale sign is when ad pop-ups appear on the Android Home Screen. If you think your Android device has been infected by Kemoge, contact your wireless provider right away. You can also contact Ntelogic Tech Support by calling +1 (209) 471-9372.

How to Protect Your Device

Following these basic rules will help prevent exposure to and possible infection from Kemoge:

  • Rule #1: ALWAYS use the official Google Play Store to install new apps.
  • Rule #2: NEVER download or install an unverified app from anywhere.
  • Rule #3: NEVER click on any links that offer to download an app from a web site.
  • Rule #4: Install an Android anti virus program such as AVG AntiVirus for Android http://www.avg.com/us-en/antivirus-for-android

The Take-away

Being smart with your smart phone can save you time and money. Using legitimate apps from a trusted source prevents infections and attacks from viruses, malware and hack-attacks. If you think your device has been compromised, contact your wireless carrier immediately. If you are an Ntelogic Hosted Exchange email user, contact us immediately so we can assist you.

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