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Farewell SQL Server 2005

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Still using SQL Server 2005? Time is not your friend.

Tuesday marked the official End of Support for Microsoft SQL server 2005. This means no more updates will be issued. Businesses still using SQL Server 2005 are at increasing risk for security breaches and data loss. Now is the time to move off of SQL Server 2005.
Moving to SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2016 will benefit your business with improved security, greater performance and increased availability. A likely concern for small business owners is the cost of upgrading. If your SO/SMB is using SQL Server 2005 on-premises, now is an excellent time to consider moving your SQL Server needs to the cloud. Rather that buying new server hardware, installing server software packages and then migrating the data to the new deployment, an Ntelogic Cloud Server can be provisioned and running in a matter of minutes. Moving your SQL Server deployment to the cloud also relieves your business of the care, feeding and upkeep of a physical server. Combining the performance of SQL Server 2016 with an Ntelogic Cloud Server gives your business a worry-free experience.
Making the move off of SQL Server 2005 must be planned. Having a solid transition and migration plan will help you avoid headaches, mistakes and ugly surprises. This is a good time to evaluate what your database needs are – have they increased or decreased?  Timing is everything and moving to a new database server is no exception. Although the move off of SQL Server 2005 is a priority, having a realistic timeline for transitioning is key to a successful transition. Our Cloud Server platform includes our Concierge Onboarding ensuring a hassle free move.
Some of the other benefits of moving to an Ntelogic Cloud Server are:

  • NO upfront hardware costs
  • Predictable, fixed monthly pricing
  • 99.999% uptime Service Level Agreement
  • 24x7x365 US-based human support
  • Fully integrated into the Ntelogic Office in the Cloud platform

If you need to move off of SQL Server 2005, consider moving to the cloud. Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from Ntelogic’s Cloud Server offerings.

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