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7 Things About VoIP Phone Service Your Boss Wants to Know

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NTELogic.com | Phone ServiceSmall businesses are realizing the benefits of cloud-based phone systems. Using a VoIP phone system can increase productivity. Customer engagement and satisfaction also increase.
Are you (or your boss) considering a move to a VoIP business phone system? This post offers answers to the most common questions.

1. Is a VoIP phone service a cost-effective alternative to my current business phone system?

Compared to on-site phone systems, VoIP business phone systems offer real cost savings. In fact, savings of up to 50% are common when compared to traditional PBX systems. VoIP systems come from the cloud. This eliminates the need to buy expensive on-site hardware. Costs are predictable. VoIP phone system users pay only the monthly service charges.

2. What about maintenance costs? Our existing on-premises system costs plenty to maintain.

The technology used in VoIP business phone systems lives in the cloud. This means your service provider takes care of management and maintenance. Not only does this save you time and money, it means you system is always up-to-date.

3. Is it easy to add or remove lines of service or make changes to features?

VoIP phone systems scale fast and easy. One of the biggest values of VoIP is the ability to add or remove lines of service. As your workforce changes, even during different seasons, your phone system remains right-sized. (This also saves you money!)

4. Our current phone system has calling features that we rely on. What calling features does a VoIP phone system offer?

VoIP business phone systems have must-have calling features that help your business run. Old standards like Auto Attendant/IVR, call waiting and call forwarding are built-in. VoIP systems offer advanced features like call park and pick-up. You can also make and take simultaneous calls on the same line. Hunt groups and advanced call routing are easy to set-up.

5. We have employees in different locations. Many are mobile workers. Is a VoIP system flexible enough for my business?

Flexibility is at the core of a VoIP phone system. These systems use the Internet to carry calls. Your business phone system is available anywhere you’re connected. This makes it easy for you to keep track of mobile workers, and work while you’re away from the office.

6. How secure is a VoIP system? Our current phone system is locked in the backroom, so I know it’s secure.

Security is always an important consideration for any business. Traditional systems seem secure being on-site. Yet, they are vulnerable to tampering, theft and physical damage. VoIP systems use firewalls and other security measures to remain secure. A trained team of experts 24×7 stand behind a VoIP system. And most VoIP systems have redundant data centers. This is a clear advantage over on-site systems, and means your phone system is available when you need it.

7. Our current phone system integrates with other systems like our CRM platform. Can a VoIP system work with our other systems?

On-premises systems need middleware and custom programming to interact with other applications. Out-of-the-box, most VoIP phone systems work with common CRM, finance and billing systems. VoIP systems are hosted in the cloud. This allows easy integration with other cloud-based services.
A VoIP business phone system is an intelligent choice for today’s small business. It’s a flexible, cost-effective solution that increases employee effectiveness and customer engagement.

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